My name is Olivia but I usually go by Liv.

I am a 20 some year old Peace Corps volunteer living in Fiji.

I was born and raised in Hamburg, PA. Home of the largest Cabella’s in the U.S. That is our claim to fame. My favorite color is teal/aqua and lavender. In fact I love everything lavender. I brouht about 8 bottles of lavender oil to Fiji with me.

I love working out and doing yoga. Tyler (my boyfriend, LDR LOVER) and I ran a half marathon together, but neither of us are “runners.” I prefer doing HIIT workouts, like burpees and jumping squats. Which is a great segueway to my career before the Peace Corps; I was a personal trainer,so you can be sure to find some travelling workouts on here.

My degree is in Social Work and I identify as a feminist. Feminism simply means that one believes all genders should be treated equally and fairly among all races. I hope the clarity in this allows more people to call themselves a feminist as well.

If I could watch any tv show until Netflix asks if I’m ok it would either be That 70’s Show or Seinfeld, but sometimes I’d rather play Sims. But really I’d almost always choose reading over Sims or Netflix. I love funny books & motivational/empowering books.

I am a huge animal lover. I love taking care of and giving lots of love to random dogs and cats or any other animal I come across.

Summing myself up in one word, I would say eclectic. I like a lot of different things and they don’t always go together but they all add up and create the weird person that I am now. I think weird is good, I’m not insulting myself here; Self love and positive body image is something else that I am passionate about.

I think this is enough about me for now though.




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