When a vegetarian goes fishing…

I’ve been completely vegetarian for over a year now – ever since I went on a ride in Disney, I refused to eat meat. More about that later.

But then once upon a time, this vegetarian was asked to go fishing in the Fijian sea on a private boat … a boat ride?! YES! So really, I went fishing for the boat ride because I love the views and the wind blowing in my hair.

Someone helped me set up the rod and I sat there holding onto it for an hour with nothing happening, other than exactly what I was hoping for – pretty views and the breeze with the pleasant side effect of being kissed by the sun.

Then I felt a pull on my line… and then another pull. My arms tensed up and I got caught up in the excitement and started reeling in my line as fast as I could – which was actually pretty slow because it felt like I was pulling in a shark for how heavy it felt (Reality check – it was 8-9 lbs)

I was reeling and reeling and finally we see a fish flop on the surface of the water, we pull it into the boat, and of course myself and millennial cohorts needed to get a selfie with it.

I low key wanted to throw it back in the ocean and felt guilty for being the one who caught it. But I didn’t, I caught it in the most sustainable way possible and we can honor the fish by having a nice meal with friends and thank the fish for providing us with this nourishment and calories. If you’re not a vegetarian, you’re probably rolling your eyes like “dramatic, much?” But I do find this to be important, honoring where your food has come from before it came to your plate and will be turned into energy and provide you with life. It’s pretty amazing actually.

I made a video about the fishing trip – thank you for understanding I’m a newbie at making videos – still learning how to add music and spice it up. So I appreciate your patience with me! Enjoyyyyy!

Click here to check out the video!




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