Women’s day 2018

March 8th is international woman’s day & boyyy (no pun) did we celebrate here in Fiji! On Wednesday the Girl Guides (girl scouts) and I prepared by making signs and a poster that say what it means to be a girl to them. They first wrote down that they are a girl and then wrote things like “and I am confident, and I am smart, and I am creative, and I am strong, and I am hardworking, etc.” We decorated the signs with drawings and stickers (vinaka Momma & Lex for sending so many!)

I talked to some of the girls about things they wrote on their signs and could see their face light up when I validated that what they wrote was so true and beautifully created. I don’t think it’s only kids that need this validation, it’s everyone. Share love and give people genuine compliments just to watch them beam with happiness. It’s amazing.

After school I went into town to meet a couple other volunteers to take part in the Take Back the Night March. The Take Back the Night Organizations mission is to end sexual, relationship, and domestic violence of all forms. We chanted through the streets, “What do we want?! No more violence! When do we want it?! NOW! Hey hey ho ho patriarchy has to go!” People had signs and posters that read things like “My dress does not mean yes” “Women’s rights are human rights” and my personal favorite, “Don’t tell your daughter not to go out, tell your son to behave properly!” We marched through the streets holding up our signs and chanting, there was so much unity with the women!

It was a great women’s day, I think it was my busiest day in Fiji so far and so worth it.

Happy women’s day to all women around the world!

With love,



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