The end of the tropical depression

Last week was all rain. And my vibe felt off. Maybe it was the lack of sunshine that made me feel extra homesick or maybe it was from losing power and cell service or a combination of both. Whatever the reason was, I just felt down. Like the tropical depression and I were in sync. But with tropical depressions (not that I was depressed, just feeling down) also comes some sunshine, my whole week wasn’t terrible.

On Tuesday, we had the village meeting (finally, yes!!) and we have a start date for the women’s group! Woo hoo!!! The women seemed to be very excited about starting this!

Wednesday, I taught the library class for the first time. We read a book together, sometimes the whole class was reading, sometimes one student at a time. After each page we’d talk about what just happened in the book. They were year 6 and 7 students and for reading a book in their second language they did a great job at reading and comprehending everything.

Thursday was P.E. and we were planning on playing soccer. The rain slowed down a bit so we all went to the field and 5 minutes in it started to down pour, so we went inside then and played a board game called VidiVidi (pronounced Vin-dee Vin-dee). It’s a wooden board with a hole in each corner. Four people play at a time (although we had many “back seat drivers”), two partners. You play with white and black checkers and flick the red checker and your partner and you try to knock either the white or black checkers into the hole. The team who gets their all their checkers in first wins. It’s pretty fun. I’m not that great at it though, my partner got every checker in except one that I got in. But when I got that one checker in he cheered so much for me! His enthusiasm was great.

On Saturday I went to town, with all the flooding the bus couldn’t come to my village so I walked with another woman almost two miles and over the flooded bridge to the bus. I was hoping I’d have cell service in town to call my family, but I didn’t. So I went to an Internet cafe and used most likely the first computer ever built and paid a dollar to use the Internet for 30 minutes.

While I was in town I went to the market and found avocados. You have NO IDEA how much this brightened my day. I walked into the market sad that I didn’t get to call my family and walked out of the market beaming with my two avocados in my bag. I went back to my village then, walking the two miles again and went straight to one of my friends houses. It was so hot we just laid on her kitchen floor chatting.

El oh el moment of the week:

I started doing uphill sprints outside and my 9 year old BFF, Selena, wanted to join me. I thought about giving her a head start to make it fair, but decided against it. Good thing I did. We did a short distance sprint and we TIED! She was also barefoot running on dirt/stones. I think I found my new workout buddy.

With so much love,



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