How vegans get protein

So the number one question vegans get is usually “But where do you get your protein?” In my last blog post about being vegan I debunked the myth about how much protein we need, so now I’m going to talk about where I get my protein.

It’s not a challenge for me to eat enough protein, plants have protein in them.

I personally get most of my protein from beans and legumes, I don’t have a fridge so storing things like tofu or soy milk isn’t possible. But dried lentils and beans or canned beans and soon to be beans from my garden are amazing sources of protein. And fiber. Which is also suuuper duper important.

The rest of my protein is from veggies and if you have a fridge your options are endless.

Spinach: Not to mention all the micronutrients in spinach, but it’s also packed with protein. One cup of cooked spinach typically has 7 grams of protein in it too, a perfect reason to eat more of it!

Nut butters: If you’re like me and enjoy peanut butter by the spoonful straight out the jar, you’re getting about 8 grams of protein per serving. Plus peanut butter goes well with everything, or you can try almond butter or cashew butter to switch things up!

Quinoa: This is great for a rice substitute if you want more protein. It’s a grain that has about 9 grams of protein per cup! Try a new recipe and mix some spinach with it and you have yourself a yummy new favorite dinner!

Tofu: The stereotypical vegan food. It’s pretty cheap and has about 9 grams of protein per serving. It’s also very versatile and takes the flavor of whatever you’re cooking it with, so have fun with it & add some spices!

Non dairy milk: Soy milk typically has about 7 grams of protein per cup and almond milk has a crazy amount of calcium too!

Sprouted grain bread: Take the lunchmeat out of the sandwich and make a classic peanut butter and banana sandwich and still get about 10 grams or protein from the bread alone.

Vegan protein powders: If you’re in a pinch and want a quick source of protein there are so many vegan protein powders; pea protein, hemp protein, brown rice protein, etc. Mix it with some soy milk and you’re golden.

Another vegan myth debunked.

Now ya know the mystery of how vegans survive with getting plenty amount of protein.

Vegan friends, what’s your favorite source of protein?



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