Wellness Wednesday, lightening, and avoiding rugby! 1/22-1/28

Last week was the first Wellness Wednesday for the teachers! Which actually ended up being on Thursday because on Wednesday evening after school we had a welcome party for our new teacher. It was a small gathering of the teachers and their families, we had food and the men also drank grog (should I do a blog post about what grog is?)

I hung out with the female teachers and the kids in back yard where the food was (naturally). I think it’s so nice how they always make sure to have a vegetarian option for me and they let me scoop out the potato salad (it’s actually mashed potatoes) before they add eggs. I ate rice, cabbage/carrot salad, and mashed potatoes.

For wellness Wednesday I led a very short (20/25 minute) cardio workout. It took some time to get everyone (4 teachers) rounded up and ready to go, but eventually we began! They laughed almost the whole time and exaggerated their enthusiasm about working out. One teacher thought that the warm up was the workout, issa (poor thing). We had a water break after the warm up and I think a couple of the teachers were trying to escape but I managed to bring them back. They had fun and got moving and that’s all that matters really! … The head teacher told me he fell asleep on the porch right after the workout because his body was too tired.

There was a huge thunder storm that same day and the community hall was struck by lightening. I saw the bolt of lightening go down but didn’t realize how close it was, the thunder was so loud I had to cover my ears. My little house was shaking at the sound of the thunder, but there was no rain. It was strange, it was really just a thunder/lightening storm. Everyone who was near the community hall was safe, although some people claimed to smell burning hair.

Friday we had a school assembly and the best students were pinned. The teachers love to get the parents involved with the school, so it was the parents that put the pin on the kids. It was special and really brought the community together. After the assembly we had tea and just hung out for the rest of the day while the kids played volleyball. … I thought about playing volleyball too but it was so hot, I decided to hang in the teachers lounge where the fan is.

On Sunday I tried looking for someone to go on a hike with me, but I had no luck. My one friend who is Seventh Day Adventist (goes to church on Saturday) was visiting family in a city so she wasn’t around. I walked around to different houses trying to find someone else to hike with but all I found was people watching rugby. I guess there was a big tournament, I’m not sure. I stopped by this one woman’s house and we made wainimoli, tastes like lemonade the literal translation is citrus water, and chatted on her porch where we’d hear random cheers coming from the boys inside. We laughed at how serious they took rugby. Once I left, I went to another house and soon after I got there they put rugby on too. I don’t like watching sports on tv, I think it’s boring and I don’t understand why people yell at the tv? Just stop. So I drank tea and ate rice with lolo (coconut milk) with everyone and then left. I wonder if Fiji won?

Side note: rice made with lolo is SO good.

Anything made with lolo is amazing, I highly recommend trying it.

This week I’ll be going to Nadi with my head teacher for a Peace Corps training. We’ll be there from Tuesday-Friday and then I’ll spend the weekend at another volunteers house!

With love,



These are called “pata’s” they’re in the banana family, except smaller and sweeter. These came from the pata tree growing right in front of the school. :)

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