Hiking the Sigatoka Sand Dunes + Fijian NYE

Cola Vinaaaaa! (tho-la vee-na) (Friendly helloooooo)


For New Years I went to another volunteers site, about 3 and a half hours from me. It was me and two other volunteers and it was so amazing hanging out with them and having fun. We hiked the Sigatoka sand dunes, watched Mary Kate and Ashley movies (because who doesn’t do that?), went out to dinner, and kicked it the way Americans love to kick it … aka eating {vegan} tacos.

The Sigatoka sand dunes are b-e-a-utiful! There were parts of the hike where we just stopped to admire the beauty, Earth is an amazing living thing that is so gorgeous. Like just drop dead in awe of looking at thousands of coconut trees growing into the big bright blue sky. And the ginormous piles of sand that look as pretty as a freshly frosted cake. The hike was so pretty, I barely even noticed the huge blister forming on my foot.

There are two hikes with the sand dunes, a one hour hike or a two hours hike; we did the two hour one. It starts out in the woods, then it’s a grassy/field-ish path, then opens up to the sand dunes that you can climb on or just walk across. After the sand dunes you walk along the beach where choppy waves crash by your feet, you can’t swim at this beach because the waves are too strong and there’s a sign that kindly warns you that sharks are usually lurking. I went in up to my knees and ran back to shore… did you know bull sharks can swim in knee deep water and are one of the most dangerous & are also known to hangout around Fiji? (If my memory is correct from watching shark week.) But back to the hike, it ends with a special forest with vines wrapped around trees that resemble women hugging the tree.

When we first saw the vine tree hugging woman we thought it was cute and nice, like a tree hugger nature loving girl. Then we saw more and realized there were many more along the path, it wasn’t cute anymore; it looked creepy. We got some creepy eerie feeling and power walked out of the forest with our arms linked. It felt like some Blair Which Project stuff.

When we got back to the beginning of the hike we asked the worker about vine women.

They symbolize (and I fact checked this person & according to google he was mostly correct) a story about a forest in India. The story goes like this, once upon a time … King of Jodhpur (in India) sent his soldiers to a forest to chop down trees to build his palace. A woman in the village near the forest saw them cutting the trees and wanted to stop them. So she wrapped her arms around the tree and said, “if you want to chop the tree down, you’ll have to chop through me!” So that’s exactly what they did. This woman’s three daughters witnessed this murder and wanted to stick up for their mother by also peacefully protesting the tree chopping by hugging the trees; they too, were chopped with the trees. Word spread quickly and many women of the Bishnois village started hugging the trees in protest. It took 3 or 4 women in link arms around one tree. This didn’t stop the soldiers and it is believed around 360+ people were brutally murdered with an ax with the trees.

The king was not pleased to hear about this massacre. He forbid anyone from killing any animals (I hope he also said people) or chopping down any trees in the Bishnois territory. Today, the forest is thriving and it is home to many animals and is protected by the inspirational women in the village. It is believed that the Bishnois people are one the first groups of conservationists in the world and most certainly the first tree huggers.

So that last forest we walked through after the sand dunes was in honor of that forest in India. And once again, I find myself admiring the strong women in history. ❤️ Who run the world? Girls.


Happy new year! (It’s never too late to say it)

With love,


The eve before New Year’s Eve ✌🏼🌸 the live band played Hotel California for us

For more information about the tree huggers check out: http://womensearthalliance.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-original-tree-huggers-lets-not.html?m=1

3 thoughts on “Hiking the Sigatoka Sand Dunes + Fijian NYE

  1. Thanks for sharing a history lesson, Liv! Cool picture of you on the dunes❤❤ you continue to be an inspiration. Love you and miss you❤😘❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Love and miss you too!❤️😍❤️😍


  2. ❤😘❤😘❤love talking to you even if we’re watching your wash dry❤😘❤😘❤


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