First few weeks in Toge

Cola vina!
Training is over and now I’m living in Toge, a village filled with 386 amazing people in the mountains on the west side of Viti Levu. I am about an hour bus ride away from the nearest town, Ba Town. 

My house has running water, electricity and a shower! I have a porch in front of my house where I like to hang my hammock and chillaxx.
School will be finishing up this term at the end of the week so there is not much to do at school. I have been going three days a week to get to know the teachers and students and to watch the students practice their dances for the end-of-the-year prize ceremony. 
On the other days I’ve been walking around the village introducing myself to people, drinking tea with anyone who invites me to, eating meals with different families, going on walks (been listening to many ted talks via podcast, new obsession), and just relaxing. The first three months of service are meant to integrate into the village and get to know everyone. 
I have a lot of down time and I definitely feel like I should be doing more sometimes. But I think that just comes from an American mindset of always having to be doing something to be “productive.” I’m making a conscience effort to remind myself that I am creating the foundation right now; I need to know the people and develop relationships within my village before I can start working on projects. … How else will I know what the village wants if I don’t know the village?

There’s a house right next to mine with 3 kids; a 3 month old, 3 year old and 6 year old. The 3 year old comes over to my house everyday and will smile, dance and giggle at everything. He brightens my day everyday and I’m so grateful for him. He likes to lay in my hammock with me and press buttons on my watch while I’m reading.
Suki, my new puppy, has a large burn on his back that is healing. This happened before I met him so I’m not sure how it happened. But I am putting coconut oil and tea tree oil on him everyday to help the healing. I feed Suki canned mutton and some leftovers, slowly but surely he is gaining weight. Within one day of having Suki he went from being scared of me to crying at my door to let him in so he can snuggle in my lap. One of the hardest parts about being in Fiji so far is seeing how animals get treated. Cats and dogs get things thrown at them, get their ears or tails cut off and kicked just because. … Right now I can only hope that others take notice of how I care for Suki and do the same to other animals as well. I just created an Instagram for the cats and dogs to raise awareness, it’s called @peacecorpspups. 
It’s officially been three weeks here and overall I am really enjoying it, it’s everything I expected and it’s nothing like I expected all at the same time. It’ll be a crazy adventure for the next two years, I’m ready for it.
I’m using WhatsApp connected to my American phone number and Facebook messenger, send love! I appreciate all messages from home.❤️
With love, XOXO
Liv (Oli)   
P.S. Heat rash is an unpleasant thing. 

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  1. Beautiful Liv!! Love the cat and dog on your bed🐶😻

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