Farewell for now, PA

The day has arrived, very quickly I may add. Today I’m leaving PA, going to LA, then tomorrow I’ll leave for Fiji with all the other volunteers!

As I’m sitting in terminal C across from a man in a bright orange shirt, I can’t help but feel so excited/scared/nervous/happy to start this new adventure. I’m actually sobbing right now though, so Mr Orange Shirt would probably disagree with my excitement. 

But I just said bye to all of my favorite mammals in the past 24 hours, so the sobbing should be understood. {I say mammals because I’m including Ziggy and Toby.} Saying bye is the first challenge that the Peace Corps threw at me, it was HARD. But I did it. BRING IT ONNN. If I can overcome that, i am confident that I can overcome anything else that the Peace Corps throws at me. Challenge accepted.

My flight is about to take off! So farewell, PA for now. Next stop, LA!



*fingers crossed that my bags aren’t too big!

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