Getting Ready…

First blog post, yippeee!

Currently I’m sitting in an airport after a family vacation, the flight is delayed about 8 hours so it seems like the perfect time to write my first blog on here. I’m new to the blogging world and who knows how this will actually turn out. I’m hoping to keep people from home updated on my life as well as share to future peace corps volunteers what it’s really like.

To be honest, I have no idea what it will be like. I know it won’t be palm trees and bikini tan lines like some people think it will be but it also won’t be “digging a hole in the ground for a toilet and hoping not to grab poison ivy for toilet paper.” I’m thinking somewhere in between… or maybe I’m way off and it wont be anything like what I’m picturing in my mind. Anywhooo this is why I am starting the blog, bare with me and my run on sentences.

I will keep it updated as much as possible, this all depends on my access to internet which is an unknown. There are a few unknowns, like will I live in a city or a village? Will I have a roommate? What will my host family be like? Will I like the food? Will I become an expert scuba diver and get over my fear of sharks? Only time will tell.

I do know a few things though, like:

  • I will fly from Philly to LA at the end of August
  • I’ll stay in LA for 1 or 2 nights with other volunteers, then go to Fiji
  • I will have 10 weeks of training, living with a host family
  • Then I’ll be placed at my site, where I will be for the next 2 years (without a host family)
  • I will be working with the youth, in the schools and community

The rest I will learn in the process, that’s all for now.

Namaste, xoxo





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